ThatSitcomShow – Addison Lee Married With Issues Meet Your Match

Kelly and Bud Bundy are constantly arguing, and lately their competitions have turned into who can get a partner first. Their argument escalates to which of them can get the hottest date, which is where they leave it as they each storm off. Later, Kelly has a date lined up with her new beau Jake but she decides to take the edge off before he arrives. She’s in her room masturbating while, unbeknownst to either of them, Bud is in the living room doing the same when Jake shows up. Bud greets him and guides him to Kelly’s room. Having Jake in her room gives Kelly an idea of how to really satisfy her needs. She flashes her titties at him, then draws him in for a kiss. Jake is quick to get the hint, so he lifts Kelly’s miniskirt and presses his face between her thighs to eat her out. As Kelly massages her sensitive titties, Jake slides her thong aside to finger bang her.

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