ThatSitcomShow – Charlotte Stokely, Evelyn Claire, Jillian Janson Friends With Benefits The One Where The Girls Get Naked

Monica and Phoebe are chilling together while Phoebe practices guitar, when Rachel comes in to chat about some issues she’s having with Ross. The conversation eventually moves from chatting about the names of Rachel and Ross’s future kids to the tropic of their various experiences with Joey. The girls all dish, but when it’s Rachel’s turn to describe how she and Joey fucked her friends wind up acting it out. Eventually the trio drops all pretense of pretending to act out a boy/girl experience and just admit that they’re all super into each other for a lesbian threesome. Once the girls give in to their desire for each other, their clothes quickly hit the ground. Monica is the first to get naked beneath Phoebe’s expert touch, but Rachel is not far behind. The only one still clothed, Phoebe lets her friends help her out of her shirt.

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