ThatSitcomShow – Chloe Cherry Married With Issues Love And Bananas

Al is relaxing in the living room when Bud comes in acting all squirrely. He asks what’s wrong and Bud lets him know he has a girl coming over. Bud confesses that he met her at the bus stop because she was short on her fare and he helped her out before asking her out on a date. Al lets Bud know that the girl is homeless, but Bud doesn’t want to hear it. Chloe arrives and is weirded out that Bud keeps referring to her as his girlfriend, but she rolls with it. Eventually Al leaves and Bud is free to start making out with Chloe. She spies his wallet and grabs it to put in her bag before really getting into it. She leans into the kiss, then reaches over to feel that Bud’s got a really nice dick. Bud isn’t shy about pushing Chloe’s head down in a silent plea for a BJ, and Chloe is quick to deliver. Getting his cock sucked by Chloe is a true treat, but Bud knows better than to let her do all the work. Chloe lets go of his hardon reluctantly, but it lets him roll her onto her back so he can feast on her twat before diving deep.

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