ThatSitcomShow – Ella Knox, Quinn Wilde More The Merrier

After their sexcapades the previous night, Blair, Jo, and Nat have been grounded by Mrs. Garrett. They have a tutoring appointment and Nat is instantly possessive about which guy she’s going to fuck. She winds up choosing Johnny to “study” with, while Blair announces the boys will need to prove their worth to her. She pairs up Johnny with Blair and Willis up with Jo, telling the group that whichever man proves himself the best gets to go to the bedroom with her. Nat is all for it and is soon on her knees sucking Johnny off. Meanwhile, Jo makes it clear she’s not interested much to Willis’s chagrin. After a close call with Mrs. Garrett, Nat comes up from beneath the table and flips her miniskirt up before guiding Johnny’s hand to her juicy twat. Jo can’t pretend her lack of interest any more, so she lets Willis feel the wetness in her own snatch.

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