ThatSitcomShow – Haley Reed Married With Issues Beauty And The Bud

Kelly may think she won the bet she and Bud made, but she’s got some serious competition. Bud was masturbating when Kelly’s date arrived because he was prepping himself for a date of his own! Shortly after Jake disappears into Kelly’s room to fuck, Bud’s date Haley shows up. Their awkwardness is palpable until Bud asks Haley if she’s read any good books lately. Haley lights up and asks Bud if he’s read the Kamasutra. With that kind of in, Bud knows that he has just the right chick to win his bet with Kelly. He lets Haley pop his hardon out to give him a nice BJ, and in return he pulls up her miniskirt and feasts on her cream filled twat. When Haley has had enough of Bud’s oral exploration, she takes charge once again by climbing onto his fuck stick and sliding down so she can ride him.

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