ThatSitcomShow – Jennifer White Married With Issues Peggys Perfect Life

Peggy is happy enough with her marriage to Al, but once in a while she wonders how things could have been different if she married her high school flame, Alex. Making herself comfy in the living room, Peg fantasizes about Alex coming home in a nice suit and with the good news that he’s landed a new account so they can move into their dream home. Their kids, Bud and Kelly, pop in to share their school successes and their good values. Then they disappear so Peg can change into some lingerie and reward her dream hubby properly. Peg starts her reward seduction off with a blowjob that allows her to worship Alex’s big dick. She deep throats it as best she can, then lets him unwrap her from her bra and thong. Climbing into Alex’s lap, Peggy lets him guide her down as she slowly takes in every inch of her husband’s hard cock.

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